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Need to quickly check the time in a different timezone, but don't want to use widgets, or run it through a launcher? Got the Time? is a simple, local macOS menu bar app that allows you to add multiple timezones, and easily switch between them straight from your menu bar. No internet required*

It really is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Launch the app and it will add a clock in your menu bar, using your current macOS settings to set a default timezone in your current timezone.

  2. Click on the clock to switch between timezones and add more timezones (in Preferences).

Why Got the Time?

I initially built Got the Time? for myself: I work with people in many different timezones around the world, and found it cumbersome to have to add multiple clock widgets to the Control Center, pick up my phone to check the world clock, or search "Time Now {Country/City}" in Google to quickly spot check the time in a different timezone.

Simply raising my eyes to look at the menu bar is less distracting, and prevents breaking context when I am doing deep work, or in a meeting, and being able to quickly switch between timezones takes a few seconds, at most.

Supported macOS Versions: 13+

*No Internet Required: Besides validating your license key, there is no need to be connected to the internet. This app uses no APIs, doesn't track your usage, and utilises built-in macOS frameworks to provide all the information.

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A simple macOS 13+ menu bar app, that allows you to see the time across different timezones.

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Got the Time? macOS App

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I want this!